• 21st Century Reactive Maintenance Solutions: A Cut Above the Rest

    January 9, 2014

At ACT Maintenance Solutions, we appreciate the simple fact that a property will sometimes fall victim to unexpected circumstances. This could be in the form of a flood, a structural issue, a power outage or indeed any other number of conceivable scenarios. Therefore, a proactive approach towards such instances is all but essential. This type of maintenance is known as reactive maintenance. Thankfully, the 21st century has allowed us to address such instances in a method that is second-to-none in terms of efficiency, response time and results.

Computerised Organisation

The days of a physical log book that keeps track of potentially dozens of work orders each day are all but gone. At ACT Maintenance Solutions, we have established a centralised computer database that will accurately display all pending, ongoing and completed jobs. This will provide both management and our employees alike with the clarity and the insight necessary to carry out work orders in the most efficient way possible. In terms of reactive building maintenance, this has also allowed our response times to be even faster; day or night and every day of the year.

Remote Technology

Thanks to the advent of smartphones and innovative mobile applications, our professionally trained servicemen and women can be updated on-the-fly and as is necessary. In fact, there is rarely the need for them to travel to the central office. On the contrary, they can begin their workday with tasks that are presented to them on their mobile devices. This allows us to complete more planned maintenance jobs in a single day and in the case of an emergency, our workers can be dispatched to the site immediately. Such a streamlined service is all but critical when referring to an unexpected emergency or service issue.

At ACT Maintenance Solutions, we fully understand that while preventative and reactive maintenance issues need to be addressed, the length of our response time and the organisation of our tasks is essential to meet the varying requirements of our clients. By incorporating the latest technology into our approach, customers throughout Liverpool and Northern Wales can rest assured in the knowledge that should an unexpected building maintenance issue occur, they are in good hands.