• Commercial Property Maintenance, What are your Options?

    August 22, 2013

Whether you are a housing landlord or a business property manager, making sure that you get the right maintenance package is crucial. Tenants do want to have to wait around for their leaking pipes or floors to be fixed, while maintenance issues in commercial properties can seriously affect productivity.

This means that it is crucial that you consider the options carefully before deciding which service provider suits your needs. It is also important to consider the types of maintenance contract which are available to you.

Property Maintenance

Every property, whether a domestic or a commercial building, should have a properly designed, reliable programme of maintenance in place. Pretending to forget about it, or simply dealing with things on an ad hoc basis, is not good enough, and can seriously compromise your business interests. ACT Maintenance offer reasonable and comprehensive deals on property maintenance packages.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is designed for people who need access to quick service, at any time of day or night. A good reactive maintenance contract will cover your property for seven days a week, and all 52 weeks of the year. Having 24-hour call-out should be standard too. The development of information technology systems over the last decade or so means that many companies are now very responsive indeed when emergency call-outs are required. Always choose a company which offers internet call-outs, as these can be very speedy indeed.

Planned Maintenance

A planned maintenance contact is designed to cover those maintenance issues which are not considered as emergencies. A programme of planned maintenance visits and checks can be designed to ensure that all aspects of a property are working as they should be, and are properly safe.

ACT Maintenance provided a range of Property Miantenance solutions designed to meet the needs of all Commercial property owners, fill in our short online enquiry form or call us on 0151 546 85 35.