• Facilities Management Liverpool and The North West

    November 7, 2013

If you own a business, you will be aware of the high cost of maintaining your premises. Unfortunately, you will also be aware that, no matter how well-maintained your premises might be, accidents can happen, and these can lead to unexpected additional outlay and, in some cases, loss of business. If you are based in the North West of England, ACT can provide you with a fast, efficient repair service, ACT Reactive Maintenance.

Because our call centre is manned constantly, day and night, all year round and we retain a supply of repair and replacement items, you can be confident that we can reach you and resolve your problem without delay, ensuring your business doesn’t need to lose any more income than necessary.

You may also be interested in ACT Planned Maintenance, which affords you peace of mind as we check, repair and replace whatever is necessary to keep your premises in prime condition. This preventative service can prove to be a highly cost-effective solution as you are far more likely to avoid emergency repairs, which can bring those unwanted additional costs and a high risk of losing income whilst those repairs are carried out.

For a total maintenance solution, we offer ACT Facilities Management, which combines both the planned and reactive maintenance aspects, and provides the best option for your business. So, if your business is in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Wigan, Warrington, St. Helens or surrounding areas, remember that we have a number of options available to suit your needs and your budget.

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