• Planned Maintenance: Solving a Problem Before it Occurs

    February 20, 2014

In reference to the maintenance of any property, it is always better to embrace a proactive approach as opposed to responding to problems after they have already occurred. While there are indeed instances when reactive maintenance is necessary to respond to an unexpected situation, a regularly scheduled service will help mitigate the risk of encountering a maintenance issue while simultaneously extending the lifespan of many systems on the property itself. This is one of the primary reasons that ACT Maintenance offers our customers building maintenance services that revolve around a time frame that will accompany their discrete requirements.

A Flexible Approach

At ACT Maintenance, we are fully aware that no two building maintenance tasks are alike. One property may require regularly scheduled servicing of a complex fire detection system while another instead will need an exterior lighting grid to be functioning with virtually no downtime. Thus, we formulate our operational templates around a flexible approach that enables us to develop a planned maintenance service that tackles even the most complex of tasks. This adaptability will allow us to address regular building maintenance issues while also giving us the ability to respond to any reactive maintenance demands that can occur unexpectedly.

Address Our Customers’ Needs One Property at a Time

Currently serving Liverpool and Northern and Northwestern Wales, the ultimate goal that we espouse is to provide bespoke planned maintenance services that will place the needs of the customer as our top priority. Having developed a highly streamlined and integrated system for addressing regularly scheduled property maintenance solutions, we appreciate the simple fact that the best way to prevent an issue is to proactively address it before it becomes a major problem. In the 21st century world of property management, our second-to-none approach has allowed us to continue to grow throughout Liverpool and Wales.